Places for tents and caravans

Places for tents

For less demanding travelers Ozolkalns offers tent pitches. There are several spots at the territory for raisng tents. The central field is big enough for at least 30 tents. It is ment for common use without exact spot for each tent. There is a shelter, several fire places, tables and electricity for common use. The price of the tent pitch includes fire wood, use of WC and hot shower, kitchen, drinking water, parking place.

A bit further from central field there is a smaller ground for up to 8 tents with a fire place in the center, a table with roof and a dry toilet near by.

All together up to 150 people can overnight in tents at Ozolkalns camp site.

For travelers with caravans - there are 4 spots of electricity conection available, a tub for filling up the drinking water and a place for cleaning the sewage tanks.tent pitches in Gauja National park


campsite near Gauja

camping near Gauja Cesis Ozolkalns Pikniks Latvia