Info phone: + 371 26400200
Mail address:
SIA "Ozolkalna serviss"
"Saulkrasti", Drabešu pag., Cēsu novads, LV-4102
Legal address and details
SIA "Ozolkalna serviss"
68-20 Matīsa Street, Riga, LV-1009
Reg. No.: 40103720800
VAT No.: LV40103720800
Bank: A/S "Swedbank:
IBAN: LV56HABA0551037382033


GPS: 57.29434; 25.22298
Google Maps: enter "Ozolkalns"  in the navigation system.

CAMPSITE OZOLKALNS (kempings "Ozolkalns")
GPS: 57.29327; 25.21549
Google maps: enter "kempings "Ozolkalns" in the navigation system.



OZOLKALNS is located in Latvia, in the region of Cēsis, Cēsis district, Drabesi parish, in 'Saulkrasti', adjacent to Cīrulīši and less than a kilometer away from Žagarkalns.

Camping Ozolkalns is located down the hill at the Gauja riverbank. To get the directions, write Camping Ozolkalns at the navigation system.