The Green, Red, Blue, Children`s/learning slopes are open.

The longest ski slopes in Latvia are located near Cesis town – in Ski and recreation Centre Ozolkalns. With respect to Latvia’s natural resources, we have preserved the beautiful terrain with a marvellous view of Gauja valley, a pristine reminder of being in the mountains.. The longest slopes reach 500 m. The altitude is 80 m. There are five slopes in Ozolkalns – for skiers, snowboarders and children. They all are alight during dark hours of the day.

Regulations of Ski Slope "OZOLKALNS" User  Agreement

Green slope

Low intermediate. Correspond to Alpine blue piste. Virtual tour.

Red slope

Intermediate. Correspond to Alpine red piste.

Children slope

for beginners. This slope has a special anchor lift - aesy to use for beginners.

Boardercross piste - not available at 2019

expert piste with curves and jumps. Corresponds to Alpine black piste and recquires good skiing/snowboarding skills. This season it is not so complicated.

Freeride piste